Underground Railroad Tour this Saturday!

We just got word that there will be an engaging and educational (engagucational?) tour of the parts of the Underground railroad in Peekskill:

A guided tour to the various sites that runaway slaves hid and found refuge in Peekskill. Re-enactors will bring to life the African-American slave struggle to be free and the important role Peekskill played in their quest for freedom. Visit the different sections of the Underground railroad, including the home of Henry Ward Beecher, a Preacher and Abolitionist, who had his summer home in Peekskill in which he constructed a tunnel to harbor and hide runaway slaves.

The cost is $20/person and reservations are highly recommended. You can do so by calling LaFern Joseph at 914-382-9226. (LaFern is the proprietor of the wonderful Fern Tree in downtown Peekskill.)

The tour begins at 1pm at the Lincoln Train Station and will go to 3pm or so. Sneakers and long pants are suggested as you will be walking in the woods.