Peekskill Rocks on a School Night! Thursday show at Division Street Guitars

Mustard Tiger show

Big show this Thursday up in Peekskill.

We’ve got some good friends of the site, chung antique, who are from Seattle and out on an extended US tour. I know its a school night, but its rock and roll. These folks are out on the road, so come out and support touring musicians and live music!

Also on the bill: our good friends from Kingston, Escape Rope. They put on a must-see show so come early!

And of course, the infamous Mustard Tiger is bringing its mayhem and sound to the stage once again. Its a rare treat to witness all that is Mustard Tiger, so don’t miss this opportunity.

Thursday, October 27 2016
Division Street Guitars in the City of Peekskill
Mustard Tiger
Chung Antique
Escape Rope
7:30 – 10pm (sharp — its a school night!)