Calendar updated!

Hi all.

I was putting out paper recycling on Tuesday night when I realized that I had not updated the Peekskill Rocks 2019 Google calendar. It struck me that I may be putting out paper (a ton of paper recycling after the holidays) and it might not even be a recycling day the next day. Sure enough, I checked the city website and I was a week early. I drove around town the next day and saw many other people with their paper out. I assumed they were Peekskill Rocks fans. This made me a bit happy to see so many Rocks fans, but also sad that I may have let them down with faulty info on the website.

This is a reminder that this website is run by two fellas for free who have very little free time!

Regardless, the calendar is now updated and should be all current according the city’s latest calendar information.

Thanks and Happy New Year!

– Joe Sepi