What’s up Peekskill? BOO!

20151024_195732Pumpkin by Dave Steele

Thursday, October 29

• Concert & Benefit for the Putnam/Northern Westchester Women’s Resource Center.
@12 Grapes – 6:00 – 10:00 PM

• David Kraai
@Birdsall – 9:00 PM

Friday, October 30

• Winemaker Wine Tasting
@Dylan’s Wine Cellar – 5:00 – 6:00 pm

• Vintage Vinyl
@Birdsall – 10:00 PM

• Mischief Night!
The Police (The Landlords); Bauhaus (Joe Duraes & The Skillz); Misfits (Teenage Martians); Nirvana (The Tall Whites); David Bowie (Paul JM)
@ Division Street Guitars – 8:00pm

• Joni and the Sexbots
@ Taco Dive Bar – 9:00 pm

• The Rocky Horror Picture Show
@The Paramount – 8:00 and 12:00 midnite

• Andrea & the Armenian Rug Riders
@Hudson Room – 10:00 pm

• Valerie Ghent
@12 Grapes – 9:30 pm

• Alexis Cole Ensemble
@The Bean Runner – 8:00 pm

Saturday, October 31 – Halloween!

• Halloween Party at The Farmer’s Market
Bank St.
@Peekskill Farmers Market – 10:00 am – Noon

• HALLOWEEN PARTY with Indie Sauce
@Birdsall – 10:00 PM

• Roxy Perry
@Hudson Room – 10:00 pm

with Electric Beef, and special Half-time Show featuring Pole Dancing from E-Sensual Dance
@12 Grapes – 9:30 pm

@The Bean Runner – 8:00 pm

and don’t forget…
zombie bar crawl
5pm: Dylan’s & Hudson Creamery
6pm: Taco Dive Bar
7pm: The Peekskill Brewery
8pm: Hudson Room
9pm: Gleason’s
10pm: The Quiet Man & McDonald & Peacock
11pm: Birdsall House & Iron Vine

What’s up Peekskill? Better Get Carving Those Jack-o-Lanterns!


Thursday, Oct 22

• Sessions. The MAGIC happens here.
with JP Patrick & Friends, and featuring Johnny Feds on guitar
@12 Grapes – 8:30 PM

• Fred Gillen Jr.
@Birdsall – 9:00 PM

• Karaoke
karaoke cats
@Gleasons – 9:00 PM

• The David August Trio
@Hudson Room – 8:00 PM

Friday, Oct 23

• Come Fly with Me!
A celebration of Frank Sinatra’s 100th Birthday
with Greg Westhoff, and featuring vocalist Joe Carpentieri
frankie baby
@12 Grapes – 9:30 PM

• Frank Migliorelli & the Dirt Nappers
CD Release Party
@Beanrunner – 8:00 PM

• Over The Top
@Hudson Room – 10:00 PM

• Gino Vannelli
@Paramount – 8:00 PM

Saturday, Oct 24

• GA3
Amazing horn-driven Blues/Funk/Soul
featuring, Glenn Alexander, Tom Seguso, Chris Anderson, Steve Count, Rob Susman and Tony Orbach
@12 Grapes – 9:30 PM

Magnets, with Kim Clarke, Rob Scheps-sax, Bryan Carrot-vibraphone, Special guest-drums
@Beanrunner – 8:00 PM

• The Force
@Hudson Room – 10:00 PM

• The Garcia Project
@Paramount – 8:00 PM

• Austin Charnis
@Peekskill Coffee

Sunday, Oct 25

• Herman’s Hermits Starring Peter Noone
@Paramount – 7:00 PM

Embark Fall Foliage Cruise and Fundraiser 2015
@Trinity Cruises at Waterfront – 2:30 PM

• A special night of acoustic song!
with Leo Harmonay & Friends
@12 Grapes – 6:00 PM

Simpatico: Simply Pat Tomasso & Company
@Beanrunner – 4:00 PM

What’s Up Peekskill? Time to get your costumes ready!

Thursday, October 15

• Steve Chizmadia
@ Birdsall House – 9:00 pm

• 12 Grapes Live Band Karaoke Contest – Round 2
with $1,000 in Cash & Prizes!
@12 Grapes – 8:30 pm

• The Black Dirt Band
@ Hudson Room – 8:00 pm

• Rangers @ Canadiens – 7:30 pm rangers

Friday, October 16

• Steve Chizmadia and the Accidental Gypsies
@ The Beanrunner Cafe – 8:00 pm

• Dylan Doyle Band, and special guest, Petey Hop
@12 Grapes – 9:30 pm

• Yesterday – The Beatles Tribute
@ Paramount Theater – 8:00 pm

• Kristina Koller
Division Street Grill – 7:00 pm

• Vintage Vinyl
@ Hudson Room – 10:00 pm

• Joe Duraes and The Skillz
@ The Peekskill Coffee House – 7:00 pm

Saturday, October 17

• Open Mic Night
hosted by Andy Rice
@ The Peekskill Coffee House – 7:00 pm

• Lou Ubriaco
Division Street Grill – 7:30 pm

• Fred Smith Jazz Ensemble
@ The Beanrunner Cafe – 8:00 pm

• River of Dreams
@ Hudson Room – 10:00 pm

• Moondog Medicine Show
@12 Grapes – 9:30 pm

Sunday, October 18

• Joe Adami
@ The Peekskill Coffee House – 7:00 pm

• Greg Westhoff’s Westchester Swing Band
@12 Grapes – 5:30 pm – 8:00 pm

• Rangers vs. Devils – 1:00 pm

Peekskill Debate Info

This was posted on Facebook by a person who was at the meeting where the agreement was made.  Spanish


DATE: Tuesday, October 27, 2015
TIME: 7 P.M.-9 P.M. (Doors Open 6 P.M.)
VENUE: The Neighborhood Center (lower level Field Library); Requesting room 4-10p

VIDEOGRAPHY: Mike Miner of MJM Television & Video Productions has exclusive rights to record the debate. He will post it on the internet and government channel 78. With exception of bona fide news media (eg, News 12, LoHud.com), no individual or organization has permission to visually record the debate.

7 p.m.-8 p.m.
Tina Fischer (R)
Brendon Fitzgerald (R)
Vivian McKenzie (D)
Andre Rainey (D)
Herbert Reyes (R)
Kathleen Talbot (D)

2-minute opening statement
1-minute closing statement
1-minute answer to each question

Each candidate will be asked the same 3-4 questions
Opening statements may be delivered from seat at dais or from podium
Questions will be answered from seat at dais
Candidate may use time in any manner desired (eg, to respond to another candidate)
Coin flip will decide which party delivers first opening statement, then will alternate candidates by party for remainder of opening statements
Sequence remains same for closing statement
First question will be asked of candidate delivering last opening statement and work backwards

8 p.m.-9 p.m.
Frank Catalina (R)
Ken Martin (D)

2-minute opening statement
2-minute closing statement
1:30-minute response to each question
:30-second rebuttal (for candidate who answers question first)

Each candidate will stand at own podium
Candidate may use time in any manner desired (eg, to respond to another candidate)
Coin flip will decide order for opening statements
Sequence remains same for closing statement

Moderator will prepare questions
Audience members can submit written questions by 6:30 on supplied 3-x-5 index cards
Questions will be invited via email, promoted through social media and in PennySaver
Moderator will screen audience submissions to ensure questions apply to all candidates and to eliminate inappropriate questions (eg, directed at individual candidates or expressing personal grievances)

Please hold applause until the end
No videography of any kind permitted


FECHA: Martes, 27 de octubre 2015
HORA: 19:00-21:00 (Puertas Abiertas 18:00)
LUGAR: El Centro de Barrio (Biblioteca Campo nivel inferior); Solicitando 4-10p habitación

VIDEOGRAFÍA: Mike Miner de MJM Televisión y Video Productions tiene derechos exclusivos para grabar el debate. Se publicará en el Internet y el gobierno de canal 78. Con excepción de los medios de comunicación de buena fe (por ejemplo, Noticias 12, LoHud.com), ningún individuo u organización tiene permiso para grabar visualmente el debate.

7 p.m.-8 p.m.
Tina Fischer (R)
Brendon Fitzgerald (R)
Vivian McKenzie (D)
Andre Rainey (D)
Herbert Reyes (R)
Kathleen Talbot (D)

Declaración inicial de 2 minutos
Declaración final de 1 minuto
Respuesta 1 minuto a cada pregunta

Cada candidato se le pedirá a las mismas preguntas 3-4
Declaraciones de apertura pueden ser entregados desde el asiento en el estrado o desde el podio
Las preguntas serán contestadas desde el asiento en el estrado
Candidato puede utilizar el tiempo de cualquier manera deseada (por ejemplo, para responder a otro candidato)
Lanzamiento de moneda decidirá cuál partidos entrega ra ca primera declaración inicial, a despues se alternarán los candidatos por el partido por el resto de las declaraciones de apertura
Secuencia sigue siendo igual para las declaraciones final.
Se pedirá a la primera cuestión al candidato que entrego la ultima declaración de apertura y trabajar hacia atrás

8 p.m.-9 p.m.
Candidatos a la alcaldía
Frank Catalina (R)
Ken Martin (D)

Declaración inicial de 2 minutos
Declaración final de 2 minutos
1: La respuesta de 30 minutos a cada pregunta
: 30 segundos de réplica (por candidato que responde a la pregunta primero)

Cada candidato se situará en propia podio
Candidato puede utilizar el tiempo de cualquier manera deseada (por ejemplo, para responder a otro candidato)
Lanzamiento de moneda decidirá Para que las declaraciones de apertura
Secuencia sigue siendo igual de declaración final

Moderador preparará preguntas
Los miembros del público pueden formular preguntas por escrito a las 6:30 en suministrados 5 3-x-fichas
Las preguntas serán invitados por correo electrónico, promovido a través de los medios sociales y en PennySaver
Moderador proyectará presentaciones audiencia para asegurar preguntas se aplican a todos los candidatos y eliminar preguntas inapropiadas (por ejemplo, dirigidas a candidatos individuales o expresar agravios personales)

Por favor, mantenga el aplauso hasta el final
No videografía de cualquier tipo permitido

Confluence Opens this Sunday at Paramount Hudson Valley

confluenceDon’t miss this two-man show featuring the work of Geoff Feder and Andrew Barthelmes. Geoff is a sculptor and curator for Peekskill Project 6, and Andrew is a painter who created a sculpture for Peekskill project 6. The two artists will attempt to show the relationship between their work.

Sunday, October 11, 3-6pm

@Paramount Hudson Valley
1008 Brown St, Peekskill, New York 10566