Contribute Events

If you’d like to let us know about an upcoming event:

Email and we’ll add it to our calendar. Please provide all the details you may have. Thanks!

If you’d like your business or organization’s events to upload automatically to the Peekskil Rocks calendar:

To have your events added to our calendar, please email us a csv file (comma separate values) with the event dates and details.

We have uploaded two sample files to get you started. One is a very simple file that just asks for Event, Date, and Location. Use this if you don’t need to share start/end times or an event description. Our detailed sample file provides fields for start date/time and end date/time as well as an event description field.

Please note that our calendar isn’t very forgiving when we import events, so please take note of details in the sample event provided. For example, the time needs to be in the following format: 5:00 PM. If you type 5pm or 5:00PM, it will not import that event.

The best application to manage and edit a csv file is Microsoft Excel, since it will help you avoid some errors. (For example, if you have a comma in your description, that will break the file because it is a comma-separated file and will get confused. Excel will wrap your description in quotes so it doesn’t mess up the file.) You can read more about calendar csv files here.

Send your csv file to

Calendar simple
Calendar detailed