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Calendar updated!

Hi all.

I was putting out paper recycling on Tuesday night when I realized that I had not updated the Peekskill Rocks 2019 Google calendar. It struck me that I may be putting out paper (a ton of paper recycling after the holidays) and it might not even be a recycling day the next day. Sure enough, I checked the city website and I was a week early. I drove around town the next day and saw many other people with their paper out. I assumed they were Peekskill Rocks fans. This made me a bit happy to see so many Rocks fans, but also sad that I may have let them down with faulty info on the website.

This is a reminder that this website is run by two fellas for free who have very little free time!

Regardless, the calendar is now updated and should be all current according the city’s latest calendar information.

Thanks and Happy New Year!

– Joe Sepi

What’s up, Peekskill? Vote on Tuesday!!!!

Yes, Halloween has come and gone but we’re sticking with the theme! Also, don’t forget to vote on Tuesday!!!

Thursday, November 2

Happy Deviled Egg Day

Karaoke Night
with Tina Machete
@ Gleason’s – 9:00 pm

Open Mic Night – The First Thursday Each Month!
@ 12 Grapes – 8:00 PM

Michael Attanasio
@ Beanrunner – 7:00 PM

The Yardbirds
@ Paramount Hudson Valley – 8:00 PM

Friday, November 3

Happy Sandwich Day

Harry Rios Trio
@ 12 Grapes – 9:00 PM

Salsa With Grammy Award Winner Willy Torres!
@ Beanrunner – 8:00 PM

The NY Kings Comedy Tour- A Tribute To Uncle Jimmy Mack!
@ Paramount Hudson Valley – 8:00 PM

Jon Bates Band
@ Hudson Room – 10:00 PM

Saturday, November 4

Happy King Tut Day

Rob Wallis And The Rhythm Method, Featuring Curtis Winchester Gil Parris, Scott Staton, Mark Feinberg And Paulie Biz!
@ 12 Grapes – 9:00 PM

Camille Gainer Jones Quartet With Sharp Radway (Piano) Endea Owens (Bass) Chris Hemingway (Sax)
@ Beanrunner – 8:00 PM

The Sugarush Band
@ Hudson Room – 10:00 PM

Sunday, November 5

Happy Gunpowder Day

Anita Rein
@ 12 Grapes – 6:00 PM

Local Markets and Other Recurring Events

Bicycle Rentals
On Water Street, a block from the train station, next to the Peekskill Brewery.
@ Pedal Peekskill

The Peekskill Farmer’s Market
Outdoors on Bank Street, 8 am – 2 pm, every Saturday.

Hudson River Cruises
From the Dock at Peekskill Riverfront Green
@ Trinity Cruises

Free Weekend Shuttle
From the Peekskill Train Station to the Downtown Gazebo
sponsored by GoPeekskill
Fridays – 5:00 pm to Midnight
Saturdays – 10:00 am to Midnight
Sundays – 10:00 am to 9:00 pm

Don’t see your event listed here? Don’t worry. Send a note to and we’ll be sure to add it.
• Please send by 5pm on Wednesdays, to make sure it gets into the first edition of our weekly round-up.
• Or you can post on our Facebook page.
Future events will be added to our calendar.

Peekskill Democratic Primary Sept 12!

Don’t forget to vote in the primaries! Find your polling place here.

From an article on Patch with info on all primaries throughout Westchester:

Topping the races is the contentious fight for Peekskill Common Council. There are five people vying for three lines on the Democratic ballot in November, and two of them are running on the GOP slate.

The five seeking the Democratic lines:

    Robert M. Sullivan
    Colin D. Smith
    Ramon A. Fernandez
    Luis A. Segarra
    Vanessa B. Agudelo

Segarra and Sullivan are running mates, picked by the Peekskill Republican Committee to run on its “Peekskill United” slate. Their entry into the race, forcing a Democratic Primary, caused fury among city Democrats. It led to the usual intra-party in-fighting following New York State’s arcane election laws.

Environmental activities: Solarize Peekskill and Tapped film!

If you’re not snowed in for the rest of the week, get out to these two great environmental events.

Solarize Peekskill Campaign Launch!

Wed. March 15, 7 pm
Peekskill Field Library
Neighborhood Center Room
4 Nelson Ave., Peekskill NY

“The City of Peekskill is excited to participate as one of three selected Westchester communities for the 2017 Solarize Westchester solar energy campaign. Through this collaborative outreach campaign, ‘Solarize Peekskill’ will directly connect City residents and business owners with solar industry leaders in order to gain information and access to the financial benefits of alternative energy through group purchasing. The ‘Solarize Peekskill’ program will complement current City efforts focused on sustainability and progressive action. On behalf of the Common Council, Peekskill looks forward to working with Solarize Westchester over the next twelve weeks.”
–Mayor Frank Catalina, City of Peekskill

“Solarize Peekskill presents an exciting opportunity for residents and local business to explore solar energy systems. In my experience, the Solarize Westchester program provides valuable information session and technical assistance to interested participants in order to realize tangible financial and environmental benefits. As City Manager, it is my pleasure to welcome Solarize Westchester, and I look forward to a successful campaign.”
–City Manager Richard A. Leins, City of Peekskill

Monthly Environmental Film Series!

“TAPPED” shows us the Maine village that struggles against corporate attempts to bottle their local spring water and the Texas town that lives with the toxic pollution from making plastic. This is a sampling of the evils of the bottled water industry.

Film followed by Q&A with Greta Zarro from Food and Water Watch.


Peekskill Debate Info

This was posted on Facebook by a person who was at the meeting where the agreement was made.  Spanish


DATE: Tuesday, October 27, 2015
TIME: 7 P.M.-9 P.M. (Doors Open 6 P.M.)
VENUE: The Neighborhood Center (lower level Field Library); Requesting room 4-10p

VIDEOGRAPHY: Mike Miner of MJM Television & Video Productions has exclusive rights to record the debate. He will post it on the internet and government channel 78. With exception of bona fide news media (eg, News 12,, no individual or organization has permission to visually record the debate.

7 p.m.-8 p.m.
Tina Fischer (R)
Brendon Fitzgerald (R)
Vivian McKenzie (D)
Andre Rainey (D)
Herbert Reyes (R)
Kathleen Talbot (D)

2-minute opening statement
1-minute closing statement
1-minute answer to each question

Each candidate will be asked the same 3-4 questions
Opening statements may be delivered from seat at dais or from podium
Questions will be answered from seat at dais
Candidate may use time in any manner desired (eg, to respond to another candidate)
Coin flip will decide which party delivers first opening statement, then will alternate candidates by party for remainder of opening statements
Sequence remains same for closing statement
First question will be asked of candidate delivering last opening statement and work backwards

8 p.m.-9 p.m.
Frank Catalina (R)
Ken Martin (D)

2-minute opening statement
2-minute closing statement
1:30-minute response to each question
:30-second rebuttal (for candidate who answers question first)

Each candidate will stand at own podium
Candidate may use time in any manner desired (eg, to respond to another candidate)
Coin flip will decide order for opening statements
Sequence remains same for closing statement

Moderator will prepare questions
Audience members can submit written questions by 6:30 on supplied 3-x-5 index cards
Questions will be invited via email, promoted through social media and in PennySaver
Moderator will screen audience submissions to ensure questions apply to all candidates and to eliminate inappropriate questions (eg, directed at individual candidates or expressing personal grievances)

Please hold applause until the end
No videography of any kind permitted


FECHA: Martes, 27 de octubre 2015
HORA: 19:00-21:00 (Puertas Abiertas 18:00)
LUGAR: El Centro de Barrio (Biblioteca Campo nivel inferior); Solicitando 4-10p habitación

VIDEOGRAFÍA: Mike Miner de MJM Televisión y Video Productions tiene derechos exclusivos para grabar el debate. Se publicará en el Internet y el gobierno de canal 78. Con excepción de los medios de comunicación de buena fe (por ejemplo, Noticias 12,, ningún individuo u organización tiene permiso para grabar visualmente el debate.

7 p.m.-8 p.m.
Tina Fischer (R)
Brendon Fitzgerald (R)
Vivian McKenzie (D)
Andre Rainey (D)
Herbert Reyes (R)
Kathleen Talbot (D)

Declaración inicial de 2 minutos
Declaración final de 1 minuto
Respuesta 1 minuto a cada pregunta

Cada candidato se le pedirá a las mismas preguntas 3-4
Declaraciones de apertura pueden ser entregados desde el asiento en el estrado o desde el podio
Las preguntas serán contestadas desde el asiento en el estrado
Candidato puede utilizar el tiempo de cualquier manera deseada (por ejemplo, para responder a otro candidato)
Lanzamiento de moneda decidirá cuál partidos entrega ra ca primera declaración inicial, a despues se alternarán los candidatos por el partido por el resto de las declaraciones de apertura
Secuencia sigue siendo igual para las declaraciones final.
Se pedirá a la primera cuestión al candidato que entrego la ultima declaración de apertura y trabajar hacia atrás

8 p.m.-9 p.m.
Candidatos a la alcaldía
Frank Catalina (R)
Ken Martin (D)

Declaración inicial de 2 minutos
Declaración final de 2 minutos
1: La respuesta de 30 minutos a cada pregunta
: 30 segundos de réplica (por candidato que responde a la pregunta primero)

Cada candidato se situará en propia podio
Candidato puede utilizar el tiempo de cualquier manera deseada (por ejemplo, para responder a otro candidato)
Lanzamiento de moneda decidirá Para que las declaraciones de apertura
Secuencia sigue siendo igual de declaración final

Moderador preparará preguntas
Los miembros del público pueden formular preguntas por escrito a las 6:30 en suministrados 5 3-x-fichas
Las preguntas serán invitados por correo electrónico, promovido a través de los medios sociales y en PennySaver
Moderador proyectará presentaciones audiencia para asegurar preguntas se aplican a todos los candidatos y eliminar preguntas inapropiadas (por ejemplo, dirigidas a candidatos individuales o expresar agravios personales)

Por favor, mantenga el aplauso hasta el final
No videografía de cualquier tipo permitido