Directions to Peekskill

How to get to Peekskill, New York (the Google map is below):

Taking the train

From Grand Central Terminal in New York City: Take the Metro-North Hudson Line train to Peekskill; the last stop is Poughkeepsie. (But don’t fall asleep and end up there by mistake.) See the train schedule here.

The fares from Grand Central to Peekskill are below. The very lovely train conductors accept only cash, no credit cards; buy your tickets at the station to avoid higher fares onboard.

Peak hours (weekday trains that arrive in Grand Central between 5 am and 10 am, or that leave Grand Central between 4 pm and 8 pm):

Round trip peak: $31
Round trip peak, child: $15.50
One way peak: $15.50 if bought at station; $22 if bought on train.
One way senior/disabled/Medicare (not valid on inbound morning peak trains): $7.75 if bought at station; $7.75 if bought on train.
One way peak, child: $7.75 if bought at station; $14 if bought on train.

Off-peak hours:

Round trip off-peak: $23.50
Round trip off-peak, senior/disabled/Medicare: $15.50
Round trip off-peak, child: $12
One way off-peak: $11.75 if bought at station; $18 if bought on train
One way off-peak, senior/disabled/Medicare: $7.75 if bought at station; $7.75 if bought on train
One way off-peak, child: $6 if bought in station; $12 if bought on train


There are almost always cabs waiting at the station to take you where you need to go (flat rates are $6 during the day to any point in Peekskill; $7 in the evening). If you don’t see a taxi, you can call one at one of the numbers listed in our taxi directory. Note: Local taxi drivers may be dropping someone off in another town or even driving to the city. Don’t be daunted if you need to dial a couple of numbers before you reach someone. Many of these taxi companies will also pick you up from New York metropolitan area airports.

Taking the bus from neighboring areas

Bee-Line buses #14, #15, #16, and #17 stop at multiple locations in the city. Look up the full schedule and fares (you can use a New York City MetroCard on the Bee-Line).


From the Taconic or Routes 6, 35 & 202:
Take Route 6, 35 or 202 West into Peekskill. They all eventually merge and become Main Street (follow all signs for 35 & 202; once inside the City, they change direction several times).

From Route 9:
Take 9 North to the Main Street exit (Route 6, 35 & 202 East).

Metered parking is available in the municipal garage across from the Field Library; use Ramp B. There are multiple other parking options, including metered parking on city streets (9 am to 5 pm; free on weekends and holidays).