Taxi Companies

Have a tip on a taxi we haven’t listed? Know about a cab company that’s gone out of business, or details about a company’s hours of operation or range of services? Let us know in the comments.

Taking a cab from the Peekskill Metro-North train station: 

There are almost always cabs waiting at the station to take you where you need to go (flat rates are $6 during the day to any point in Peekskill; $7 in the evening). If you don’t see a taxi, you can call one at one of the numbers listed in our taxi directory. Note: Local taxi drivers may be dropping someone off in another town or even driving to the city. Don’t be daunted if you need to dial a couple of numbers before you reach someone. Many of these taxi companies will also pick you up from New York metropolitan area airports.

Currently in business:

Romero’s Taxi:
(914) 384-7061

Peekskill Green Light Taxi
(914) 714-5087

Radio Taxi
(914) 737-0044

Rio Taxi
(914) 737-4746

Royal House Taxi
(914) 293-0807

Bynum Taxi & Limo
(914) 737-3753

PMV Limousine
(914) 402-4481

Possibly in business (we’ll move to “Currently in business” once confirmed):

Camp’s Taxi
(914) 941-0150

All County Transportation
(914) 779-1313

Bynum Yorktown Taxi
(914) 245-9400

Platinum City Limousine Service
(914) 739-7433

Izabela Taxi (website)
(914) 830-6977

Black Diamond Taxi
(914) 557-3650

Act Now Limo and Taxi
(914) 505-3340

Anthony’s Taxi Service:

May not offer service to Peekskill (to be confirmed):

AJ’s Car Service
Serving Croton Falls and the Surrounding Area
(914) 277-4499

Yorkie’s Limo
Serving Yorktown Heights and the Surrounding Area
(914) 707-2345