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What’s Up Peekskill? It’s 2019.

Hey P-rockers, it a brand new year with new resolutions to forget about. So let’s hurry up and get a gym membership to use once or twice. How about diet to break in a few weeks? Or… aw, screw it. Let’s just get downtown and party like it’s still new year’s eve.

Thursday, January 3
Happy Fruitcake Toss Day

toss that cake

Teacher in the Library Homework help is here!
@ Peekskill Field Library – 4:00 PM

Tales for Tails
1st grade and up are invited to read to a specially trained dog.
@ Peekskill Field Library – 6:00 PM

Karaoke Night
with Tina Machete
@ Gleason’s – 9:00 pm

Friday, January 4
Happy Trivia Day

What is losing it all?

Story and Craft
@ Peekskill Field Library – 11:00 AM

Salsa Night With Cuboricua!
@ Beanrunner – 8:00 PM

Jacob’s Brother (Folk/covers)
@ Peekskill Coffee House – 7:00 PM

@ Hudson Room – 10:00 PM

Saturday, January 5
Happy National Bird Day

Tales for Tails
1st grade and up are invited to read to a specially trained dog.
@ Peekskill Field Library – 12:00 PM

Gerry Malkin Quintet
@ Beanrunner – 8:00 PM

James Hart (Jazz/pop Guitar)
@ Peekskill Coffee House – 7:00 PM

Back To The 80s Nite! With White Wedding
@ Hudson Room – 10:00 PM

Sunday, January 6
Happy Cuddle Up Day

Joe Adami (Rock/blues Covers)
@ Peekskill Coffee House – 1:00 PM

Local Markets and Other Recurring Events

Bicycle Rentals
On Water Street, a block from the train station, next to the Peekskill Brewery.
@ Pedal Peekskill

The Peekskill Farmer’s Market
Opens Indoors January 19.

Free Weekend Shuttle
From the Peekskill Train Station to the Downtown Gazebo
sponsored by GoPeekskill
Fridays – 5:00 pm to Midnight
Saturdays – 10:00 am to Midnight
Sundays – 10:00 am to 9:00 pm

Don’t see your event listed here? Don’t worry. Send a note to events@peekskill.rocks and we’ll be sure to add it.
• Please send by 5pm on Wednesdays, to make sure it gets into the first edition of our weekly round-up.
• Or you can post on our Facebook page.
Future events will be added to our peekskill.rocks calendar.

Snow, Farmer’s and Shopping in Peekskill

You may need that snow shovel one last time on Sunday. The last snowy hurrah! before the spring solstice.
But, spring is in the air downtown this Saturday.

There’s the Peekskill Farmer’s Market making it’s 2016 debut. It will be held not in it’s usual place on Bank Street, but on the plaza in front of the Peekskill Field Library. More info here.

And don’t miss the the indoor market at the Peekskill Flatz. They have food, pottery, clothing and much more!

What’s up Peekskill? Who keeps shooting all these arrows?

Happy Valentine’s day for all you lovers! For those of you who managed to avoid Cupid’s arrow this year, there’s lots of love downtown to go around!
um, cupid?

Thursday, February 11th

• KJ Denhert (urban folk & jazz)
@ 12 Grapes – 8:00 pm

• Open Mic Night
with host Brotha Doug
@ Embark@TheFlatz – 7:00 pm, sign up starts at 6:30

• Dance Night
@ Taormina Restaurant – 7:00 – 9:00 pm

• Karaoke Night
with host Tina Machete
@ Gleason’s – 9:00 pm

• David Kraai
@ Birdsall House – 9:00 pm

• The Counterfeiters
@ The Hudson Room – 8:00 pm

Friday, February 12th

• Sweetwater Brewing Company Pizza Party
@ Gleason’s – 7:00 pm

• Cousin Acoustic (classic rock)
@ 12 Grapes – 9:30 pm

• Jacqui Naylor Quartet
@ Beanrunner Cafe – 8:00 pm

• Frank Squillante (jazz)
@ Division Street Grill – 7:00 pm

• The Blues Buddha Big Band featuring the Lagond All Stars
@ The Hudson Room – 9:30 pm

Saturday, February 13th

• Valentine’s Chocolate & Sparkling Wine Tasting
with Marla Goldstein from Moom’s Bakery
@ Dylan’s Wine Cellar – 3:00 – 6:00 pm

• Martini Jones ft. Period Coma (rock)
@ The Peekskill Coffee House – 7:00 pm

• Live Society (mowtown, r&b)
@ 12 Grapes – 9:30 pm

• Doug Smith (jazz)
@ Division Street Grill – 7:30 pm

• Hot House Latin Jazz Ensemble
@ Beanrunner Cafe – 8:00 pm

• Dirty Stay Out (rock n roll)
@ The Hudson Room – 10:00 pm

Sunday, February 14th – Valentine’s Day

frickin' cupid

• Charles & Bernard (cowboy tunes)
@ The Peekskill Coffee House – 1:00 pm

• Special Valentine’s Day Brunch – 11:30 am – 3:00 pm
• The Natasha May Trio — Two Dinner & Show Seatings – 4:30 – 9:30 pm
@ 12 Grapes

Valentine’s Day PrixFix Dinner
@ Gleason’s – Starting at 5:00 pm

The Gin Blossoms
Opening act: Joe Duraes & The Skills
@ Paramount Hudson Valley Theater – 8:00 pm

• Valentine’s Day Lunch & Dinner
with music from Deena Goidal (jazz)
@ Division Street Grill – 4:30 – 8:30 pm

• Valentine’s Day Prix Fixe 4-Course Meal & Live Music
@ The Hudson Room – 5:00-11:00 pm

What’s Up Peekskill? Snowmageddon, or just winter?

The weather forecasters on tv call it Snowmageddon. I call it winter. Chill folks, it snows in winter. Just dig yourselves out and come downtown to be fed and entertained.

Thursday, January 21

• Fred Gillen, Jr.





@ Birdsall House – 9:00 pm

• Live Band Karaoke hosted by JP Patrick
@ 12 Grapes – 8:30 pm

• Karaoke night hosted by Tina Machete
@ Gleason’s – 9:00 pm

• Swing Night
with The Benson-Scott Big Band
@ Hudson Room – 8:00 pm

Friday, January 22

• Joe Duraes
@ Peekskill Coffee House – 7:00 pm

• Jeremy Baum HB3Trio
@ Bean Runner Cafe – 8:00 pm

• Drew Bordeaux
@ 12 Grapes – 9:30 pm

• The NY Hitmen
@ Hudson Room – 10:00 pm

Saturday, January 23

• Momma’s Little Helper
@ Peekskill Coffee House – 7:00 pm

• The Voyagers
@ Bean Runner Cafe – 8:00 pm

• Class Action
@ 12 Grapes – 9:30 pm

• Soul Fusion
@ Hudson Room – 10:00 pm

Sunday, January 24

• Joe Adami
@ Peekskill Coffee House – 1:00 pm

• Qu Boii & Eclectic Paradise
@ 12 Grapes – 6:00 pm

What’s Up Peekskill? Last Weekend of Summer Edition.

Here is your weekly round up of events that are rocking Peekskill. For recurring events, please scroll to the bottom.

Thursday, September 17th

• Live Band Karaoke
Hosted by JP Patrick with the 12 Grapes House Band
@12 Grapes – 8:30 pm

• Conigliaro Consort
the HR
@ Hudson Room – 8:00 pm

• Steve Chizmadia
@ Birdsall House – 9:00 pm

Friday, September 18th

• Andrea & the Armenian Rug Riders
@12 Grapes – 9:30 pm

• The Hitmen
@ Hudson Room – 10:00 pm

• Joe Duraes and The Skillz
@ The Peekskill Coffee House – 7:00 pm

• Kristin Hoffmann and Premik Russell Tubbs
@ The Beanrunner Cafe – 8:00 pm

Saturday, September 19th

• Taboo
a Santana tribute band
@12 Grapes – 9:30 pm

• Brazillian-Latin Jazz
with Annette A. Aguilar and the Stringbean 4Tet
@ The Beanrunner Cafe – 8:00 pm

• Prognosis
the prognosis
@ Hudson Room – 10:00 pm

@ Gleason’s – 7:00 pm

• Music night at BSBS
featuring: The Bump, Jason Gambrell, Mark Sinnis and Foster Dad
@ Beale Street Barber Shop – 7:00 pm

• P.E.A.C.E.
AMBIENT Music, Interactive, Looping – Be a part of the Symphony or just Chill!
Embark Peekskill – 8:00 pm

• Open Mic Night
hosted by Andy Rice
@ The Peekskill Coffee House – 7:00 pm

• Hot Rod Pacer
live in the beer garden
@ Birdsall House – 7:00 pm

Sunday, September 20th

• Greg Westhoff’s Westchester Swing Band
@12 Grapes – 5:30 pm

Road Knights Classic Car Show 60th Anniversary
@ Peekskill’s Riverfront Green – 10:00 am to 4:00 pm (no dogs, please).

• Austin
@ The Peekskill Coffee House – 7:00 pm

• Punk Rock Day on Sunday Fundays
featuring Jukebox Romantics, Least Best Beast and more
@The Peekskill Brewery – 4:00 – 7:30 pm

Ongoing Summer Events:

Peekskill Farmers’ Market
@ Bank Street in Peekskill – 9:00 am – 2:00 pm, Every Saturday.

Hudson River Cruises on the Tour Boat Evening Star
@ The Riverfront Green – 11:00 am; 7:00 pm Sunset Cruise

Downtown Peekskill Music Series
@ North Division Street

Sunday Funday Music Series
@ The Peekskill Brewery – 4:00 – 7:30 pm

Has This Woman Delivered the Farmers’ Market of the Future to Peekskill?

This article is part of a syndicated series written by Paul Stark and focused on the things that make Peekskill special.

Corinna with a baby chick
Corinna with a baby chick
Corinna Makris has worked hard to give Peekskill a farmers’ market that’s state of the art.

No, there’s nothing high tech about this future – no clothing with built-in internet access, no self-driving trucks filled with fresh-picked produce. Just corporate-trained business savvy, a belief in hand-to-hand capitalism and a deep understanding that a farmers’ market should be so much more than an open-air supermarket.

The Market invites you to “bee” there every Saturday
The Market invites you to “bee” there every Saturday
If you’ve been coming to The Peekskill Farmers’ Market (Facebook, Pinterest), you know what to expect and you’re starting to recognize some familiar faces. But you may not know it hasn’t always been like this, or how it was transformed. (If you haven’t been coming to the market, it’ll be Saturday morning before you know it, so c’mon by)

Market day has been a special occasion since humans invented agriculture. Not only an opportunity for all kinds of buying and selling, but a chance to meet neighbors you haven’t seen all week, or all season. Away from familiar chores and familiar faces, there can be discussions, side deals, gossip, maybe a little flirting, maybe a little celebrating. And, at a more basic level, market day is a time for everyone to celebrate their personal participation in the bounty created by the fruitful and generative earth transformed by human work and ingenuity.

So, all that is old is new again. As Ms. Makris puts it, the Market offers a “revolution in shopping: it’s possible to buy what you need directly from the person who made it.” She calls herself a practitioner of “capitalist activism,” an advocate of what might be called hand-to-hand capitalism.

And you can meet the people on the other side of those hand-to-hand transactions. You can meet some of the Wengerd family and buy produce grown on their Rolling Ridge Farm in Mifflinburg, PA. The unassuming guy who sells the Cooperstown Cheese? His award-winning cheese has been served at the White House. The hilarious guy selling meat down at the end? All his cows have names, and in his spare time he flips (buys, restores, sells) classic cars.

How did Ms Makris, a woman whose mother celebrated her blossoming maturity by giving her Saul Alinsky’s classic Rules for Radicals, pass through high-level corporate capitalism to end up running a farmers’ market in Northern Westchester? She liked her corporate work: she was good at it, a “people person” who thrived within in an environment of clearly articulated rules and goals. But her populist instincts rebelled when she saw wealthy companies looting their employees’ pension funds. How could that not be wrong? How could that not be illegal? Eventually those and other abuses made waiting tables in Hudson the more soul-preserving alternative. She soon found work in community activism, and when the chance came to manage and grow a community endeavor that doesn’t do evil, she jumped at it and became part of the unfolding history of Peekskill.

What she’s grown at the Peekskill Farmers’ Market is a win-win raised to the sixth power.

Marcy B. Freedman colorfully changing the tone
Marcy B. Freedman colorfully changing the tone
It’s marketing for Peekskill’s downtown: it entirely changes Saturday’s tone, and brings people from ever-greater distances to enjoy Peekskill and spend money here. “You have to entertain the customers while they’re here. It has to be fun. You want them to spend the day in Peekskill. Hopefully, you want them to buy a house in Peekskill.”
Peekskill citizens get to buy farm-fresh produce and other good things, while having a market day, making new friends and running into the old.

Corinna is very concerned that every single one of her vendors is happy and making enough money to make the day worth the effort (efforts like heavy lifting and getting up at two in the morning).

The entertainers make it fun for shoppers while earning new fans, maybe selling some merchandise, and leaving with some tips and some farm-fresh produce.

Community organizations (the Cornell Extension Master Gardener, the City of Peekskill 75th Anniversary Committee, HVCCA’s Peekskill Project are visible to a broad cross section of our community.

And there’s even jobs, jobs, jobs. Some vendors hire locally. If you’re interested, Corinna can hook you up with whoever’s hiring. And while we’re at it, volunteering for the market will not only make you feel glad all over, but will look great on your resume.

And the market supports Local Living Economies both here, and in all the places within the 250 mile radius food shed that sends us the fruits of their lands and people. (Learn more about Local Living Economies at the Business Alliance for Local Living Economies, and around these parts, check out Re>Think Local. And Scott Tillett, founder of Re>Think Local, has also stepped into the stream of Peekskill history, as I detailed here.)

Farm Fresh from Eight Mile Creek
Farm Fresh from Eight Mile Creek
Some important facts. The market operates under the auspices of Peekskill’s Business Improvement District. The theory, borne out in fact, being that the rising tide created by the Market will lift all boats in the district. But the Market doesn’t cost anyone anything: it’s not only self-supporting, but turns a profit. Some people believe City of Peekskill tax money is spent on the market – not true; in fact, the City gets paid by the Market for street closure.
There’s no electioneering at the market, but that doesn’t make it politician-free. “It’s a good place for elected officials to be seen – it’s neutral territory,” Corinna explains, “Everybody wants Peekskill to be a good place to live.”

Another win-win in the market’s six-dimensional win-win universe: Quirk Shop Peekskill (Facebook), a retail co-op for designers is slated to open on North Division in August. It will be curated by Jeorjia Shea, a designer whose work flew off the shelves when she was a vendor at the market. She’ll be representing other independent designers and providing gallery space for local artists.

I’m grateful that the Farmers’ Market is part of my Peekskill, and I see lots of grateful, happy Peekskillians (as many as 1,500 per market day) getting farm-fresh produce and so very much more every Saturday morning. Maybe I’ll see you there one of these Saturdays.