Last weekend to see Sydnee Farr’s paintings and photos at the Peekskill Coffee House

Sydnee Farr_barista Peekskill Coffee HouseTPCH’s baristas are obviously talented at whatever they do. We just don’t always know all the things they do do. We’ve been ogling Sydnee Farr’s gorgeously illuminated canvases and enigmatic still lives all month. You can see a few in the photos below, but they must be seen in person—and hurry, because they’re coming down on Sunday, August 31st. She’s having a closing reception between 3 and 5 pm on Sunday, where you can talk art and whatever else you want—and maybe even score a few of these beauties. We’re really looking forward to more of Sydnee’s work on the coffee-house walls, and, it seems certain, in more galleries in the near future.


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